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TV spots and social media videos

Our TV crew and production team offers top quality commercials and social videos. Contact us today!

Promo Video for The Metro Times Hall Of Whiskey event.

Buscemi's 'Trust The Crust' - 30

Relaunch of Detroit Style Pizza and new seasonal Florine Mark salad. Creative campaign and production by Iconica Art.

Buscemi's 'Florine Mark Salad' - 15

This was a seasonal limited time product. Facilitated by Iconica Art. 

Live in the D

Iconica Art cooridinated this appearance and created imagery shown in segment.

Buscemi's 'Say Cheese' Social Media Campaign with Holly Hutton (WYCD/99.5) Campaign and production by Iconica Art.

Social Media Promo Video for Beaumont Women's Health Care Classic 25th Anniversary golf event.

Commercial for Weight Watchers

Commercial for Weight Watchers

Music Video for Jill Fitzgerald. Celebrating women!

Social Media Promo Video for Art Show Dreamy Art Show at Woodward Dream Cruise.

Commercial for Weight Watchers

Social Media Promo Video for Camilo & Co Dresses.

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