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Detroit Design Dames...

A group of women team up to make a fun and truly creative workplace. The economy has been unkind to many, so these lovely ladies took matters into their own hands. All having a plethora of experience and amazing portfolios, ICONICA ART & DESIGN HOUSE was born.


We make your business iconic. Our design company ICONICA ART & DESIGN HOUSE knows how to get you to the next level. From print, web, commercials to fashion and promo items, this diverse female based team can provide you with exactly what you need. We tailor to our clients needs, no matter how big or small the job may be. 


Come to us, whether it's a book cover design, magazine layout, business card, advertisement, web & banners, flyer, truck wrap, TV commercial, promo video, t-shirt, dress design, or company logo and we will put your company on the map. We even have a photographer and muralist on staff. The possibilities are endless.


PS - We don't like to name-drop but we've done design work for some of Detroit's biggest names in art & design. Become one of those big names today!


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